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    What Is the Digital Workspace?


    The digital workspace is a holistic change in the way end-user services are delivered by IT, so you can deliver the apps and data employees need to work across any device. By taking advantage of today’s cloud-based management technologies, digital workspace solutions deliver self-service, out-of-the-box experiences that scale across platforms, locations, and device ownership models.

    Digital Workspace

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    The Power of the Digital Workspace

    Employee Experience Event: Recap

    Employee Experience Event: Recap

    VMware’s CIO, Bask Iyer, and VP of HR, Susan Insley, discuss creative ways to optimize the employee experience.

    The Journey to the Digital Workspace

    No journey is the same, but getting started is always the hardest part. Check out the map to learn how you can take the first steps toward forming a digital workspace strategy. 

    The Journey to the Digital Workspace

    Five Critical Requirements for a Digital Workspace

    1. Putting Employee Experience First
    2. Delivery of Applications – Anytime, Anywhere
    3. Modern Device Management
    4. Manage Experience and Security
    5. Automate to Succeed at Any Scale

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    Meet the Unique Needs of Every Employee with a Digital Workspace

    Employee expectations have changed. They want to work how they choose—anytime, anywhere, and on any device. That’s why it’s more important than ever to empower every employee, no matter their role, with digital tools that give them secure and seamless access to the apps and services they need to be productive.

    The Contractor

    Rachael starts a new contract with a company that uses VMware Workspace ONE. She is up and running in minutes with all the apps she needs across all her devices.

    The Mobile Professional

    After receiving a brand new laptop, Anna uses VMware Workspace ONE to set up her new factory-fresh machine just in time to catch her next flight.

    The Contingent Employee

    Alex uses VMware Workspace ONE to take the friction out of technology while IT protects him and corporate information with intelligent security.

    Empowered Employees are Better for Business  

    Three Reasons You Need Digital Workspace Management Now

    • You are competing for the best workforce
    • Engaged employees are more productive
    • Engaged employees yield satisfied customers

    Infographic: The Importance of Employee-Friendly Workspaces 

    Digitally-Empowered Employees Pay Dividends for Your Business

    • 16% more collaboration with team members
    • 16% faster decisions
    • 5x more likely to improve personal productivity

    Forbes Insights Report: The Impact of the Digital Workforce 

    Embrace Modern Management 

    Break through traditional management silos to securely manage modern operating systems from the cloud. Modern management is a cloud-based approach that supports automation of physical and virtual Windows 10 policies, patches, and updates alongside smart phones and tablets, Macs and Chromebooks. In turn, it helps reduce cost, improve security, and deliver an exceptional user experience to employees.

    • Meet employee expectations with exceptional experiences
    • Support Win10 modern management
    • Manage physical and virtual desktops from the cloud

    VMware Named a Leader in July 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management

    Modern PC Management for Dummies

    Is your IT challenged with demands to securely manage PCs, endpoints, users, apps, and data?

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    Multi-Platform Endpoint Management

    Enable Zero-Trust Security 

    Embrace risk, automate remediation, and improve the overall employee experience with Zero Trust security. Zero Trust is centered on the belief that organizations should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeters and instead must verify everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access.

    • Harness user behavior, device context, and third-party security tools for proactive, intelligent risk assessment and policy management
    • Leverage encryption, data loss prevention controls, and app virtualization to best protect sensitive information
    • Automate remediation through identity management, network traffic, and device compliance

    Eight Critical Capabilities for Digital Workspace Security

    Discover a modern, comprehensive, and predictive approach to securing employees, apps, endpoints, and networks.

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    A Single Platform Makes the Digital Workspace Possible

    VMware Workspace ONE

    Simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device with VMware Workspace ONE, the intelligence-driven digital workspace platform. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management, and multi-platform endpoint management and is available as a cloud service or for on-premises deployment.

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    Organizations Leading the Way with the Digital Workspace


    Ricoh builds a digital workspace as a core infrastructure for work style innovation, and returns the new value they created to customers.

    Deutsche Telekom’s Flexible Enterprise Workplace enables employees to work on the devices they want, from anywhere, giving them access to the things they need to be productive in their jobs.

    For workers and volunteers who are constantly on the go, the American Red Cross Virtual Workplace delivers a consumer-simple experience with enterprise-class security—and one-stop access to more than 150 applications.

    More About the Digital Workspace

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